Getting started with Pytest

Software testing is an integral part of the development cycle of a product. Testing ensures that the product functions smoothly in a user-friendly manner. This article is the first series of articles that demonstrate software testing and its uses and impacts through pytest, a testing tool developed specifically for python. This post intends to make a small quick start guide that can be used for small testing purposes and get to know pytest rather quickly.

Wireshark #1: Simple Introduction

Wireshark is a widely used free and open-source software for capturing, analysing, displaying network packets in real-time. In this post, we will see how to observe a tcp and udp connection. Check out the video after going through the post. Getting Started with Wireshark To install Wireshark on a Debian/Ubuntu based distribution, use the following command. sudo apt install wireshark For other platforms, you can get wireshark from https://www.

Screen command

Hello, Suppose that you have logged into your remote machine and started a program that will execute for sometime. What happens if you suddenly get disconnected ? A solution to that is Screen command. Installing Screen sudo apt install screen you can launch your first screen by simply typing “screen” and pressing return from the terminal. screen -S screenname This will start the new screen session with the given name.

Password-less SSH

Hello, In this post, we will be seeing how to enable passwordless login using SSH Keygen. Open your terminal and type ssh-keygen You can simply press return key. Then try ssh-copy-id username@ip `` This will copy your RSA public key to the destination machine. In this step you will be prompted for password. Once you are back in your terminal try to ssh into the destination machine. Now you can login without the password !

Getting started with SSH

SSH is widely used to login into headless servers or remote machines, You can login to the remote machine if you know its IP address and a valid username. We can get started by installing SSH server in your machine. if you running Deb based Linux distribution, you can install using, sudo apt install openssh-server We have setup ssh access in the machine to which you want to login remotely.